Theย Lenovo Laptop Service Center in Gomti Nagarย have a professionally trained and knowledgeable support team to assist our customers with installation, troubleshooting and resolving all the issues etc of Lenovo laptops. Our team prefers to Repair Lenovo motherboards than its replacement because it is always a cheaper process rather than replacement of motherboards, and laptops running life is also not effected by doing so. Our technicians are always equipped with updated drivers.ย ย The Lenovo Laptop Service Center in Gomti Nagarย works for all seven days in a week Monday to Sundays because we feel our customers who do not have their fix weekends or holidays, can easily accommodate themselves as per their available time during the all week days to get their Lenovo laptop services done. Those who don’t have even single holiday, they can just book their schedule or assign a call schedule over telephone for repair and maintenance of lenovo laptops & lenovo computers, our technician will approach them within a day or four hour service schedule.